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Yes, so, Hong Weiguo smiled as he looked in the direction where Hong Dali disappeared, as parents, we best try not to let our kids worry about us.


As Hong Dali strode into Saurons large auction hall with his entourage, there was strict security and no bystanders. The entire parking area was filled with expensive spacecraft. The lowest-end cost at least five hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars. The highest-end one, one million. What was more powerful was the spacecraft representing Honorary Aristocrats. There were luxury spacecraft worth more than two million Galaxy Dollars, the kind that one could not buy even if they had money.


“Mother,” Hong Dali felt like he was about to cry and quickly pinched his nose. “I’m okay. I eat well and drink well there. Everything is good. Hehe. It feels quite good at the moment, I even met a few new friends. They are all very powerful.”


When Scott left, the clerk twitched his lips. Whats the big deal, the number one mystery man in the Milky Way is way stronger. He passed thirty levels at one go, I dont see him behaving like you. Chey


Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.


After all, Hong Dali was known for having lots of bright ideas. His idea would definitely be not bad. Since he claimed that he could produce something in the Galaxy Alliance Center and that the scene did not have to be big, would small scenes be able to sell as well?

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It has been confirmed. Jiang Dongliu nodded and said, According to the latest news, the number one genius from the younger generation of the Beta Star, Li Tianxing, is already on the way here. This boy is talented, totally unlike the little brat Tianzong. Most importantly, he is one of the people the Beta Star is grooming and he is an energy user who has fused with an ice Soul Stone. He is one of the chosen successors to the Nine Sha Luos. This kid is actually quite reliable. At least I have not seen any bad traits after observing him for so long. Let me counsel Qianxue and resolve the conflicts she has in her heart. Things will then fall into place. There should not be any problem.


These few were the real masters! The thing that they sent over last time was going to be the finale of the auction. The Goblin did not dare to slight them. He forced a big smile and nodded. Immediately! I will appraise it immediately! I will go get my senior now! Right away!


Hehe, who said we need big scenes? Hong Dali smiled sinisterly. We can make small scenes work as well. Speaking of which, I do have something in mind.


Of course! Little Bai Hechou grew really fast. Even his learning ability was exceptionally fast. Hong Dali had not seen him for so long, he had learned most of what he needed to learn. I usually learn martial arts with Big Grandfather. Im really powerful now. I have gotten to chapter eight of the Demon Fantasy Record. I can control mysterious energy now. Big Grandfather said it wont be long before I can absorb dark energy.


Do I look pretty like this? Jiang Qianxue made a turn in front of Hong Dali and asked. Do I look okay?


Before Hong Dali came back out, however, an arrogant voice was suddenly heard.


Tianyi thought to himself. This Hong Dali intentionally does business to lose money, does he have something up his sleeves to turn the tables around?



Forget it! Hong Dali said loudly. Well see what happens before deciding. Everyone should rest now. Tomorrow, we will go to the auction and take a look. When we get back, lets get ready to make a short film for fun, haha!



The Galaxy Aristocrats only had a population of 200,000 plus people, all youngsters in their race were very precious. Yet, female Galaxy Aristocrats could only be impregnated when they fused with males who had the bloodline of the Galaxy Aristocrats. It was slightly better for men, it was possible for them to impregnate women from another race, but the chances were very low, less than one in a hundred.


“You have someone you like?” Hong Dali started dozing off as he replied. “Then you should go on a date with the person you like, do something romantic like playing games together or shopping. Go on an impromptu trip, go kill the Zerg together or something—why are you here looking for me?”


She was not as domineering as other Galaxy Aristocrats and she was pretty, comparable to Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei. Especially when she was with Hong Dali, she was like an obedient wife. It was distinctively different from her status as a Galaxy Aristocrat. She was as adorable as could be!

  • Tianyi said with his trembling voice, Lord, I failed to recognize you earlier. I didnt know you were here His sweat fell like a waterfallflirting with a Galaxy Aristocrat in public could get his penis cut off!
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